A' Design Award Silver winner 2016

Trio low center table is a simple round table that follows the design principle of Shibui. The table’s astringent form language was in part inspired by the essential functional elegance of metal industrial objects, fixtures and hardware, such as the outline of shapes cut from steel plate, bollards, cleats, stanchions, propellers, etc.

Three broad corrugated legs complete the functional form, visually articulated by vertical washes of light and shadow on the soft cool luster of deep gray anodized finish that complements the overall hard and austere form.  

The table’s aluminum structure uses halving lap joints, common to woodwork but unexpected in metalwork, where the legs and the frame perimeter come together. The precise visible seams of the joints have a sympathetic S-shaped gesture.  These combined details contribute to the Trio table’s distinct identity.

Four legs are one too many. Trio's three legged frame provides solid and stable footing on uneven ground surfaces, often particularly useful for outdoor situations. The subtle corrugated section and crenelated top of the three legs provide a reliable self-leveling support for the well protected inset glass top. This feature also provides three points of safe finger clearance for good hand purchase on the glass top while setting it in or lifting it out.

The Trio table is made for use indoors, outdoors and transitional spaces in between.

14" H x 42" Dia