MARC SCIMÈ | Studio for Design

1706 Nolden St. Los Angeles, CA 90042 USA


What is Studio for Design?

Marc Scimè began working to build and establish Studio for Design in 2015 to serve as a creative agency for industrial design, including furniture and lighting fixtures, environmental design. Marc believes observation, research, and dialogue are at the core of creative synthesis. The ethos of Studio for Design is betterment of industry, manufacturing and user experience through applications of design attributes that are relevant, clear and essential.


What drives the studio’s work?

Context: Context makes stories whole and relevant; the same is true for design. Studio for Design values how and where people use products and thoughtful consideration of appropriate materials and manufacturing processes. Products, users, environments, as well as materials and manufacturing processes are interrelated - they create context.

Concept: Ideas imbue objects with meaning. Marc is fascinated with the richness of paradoxes and blurred boundaries in how we live today. Observations are a prerequisite to the process of designing new products that are both relatable and exceptional. The concept, informed by context, is what justifies a product’s reason for being. Fresh concepts bend, reinvent and blend typologies.

Details: From a building to a bottle opener, details can engage the senses to create an emotional connection and tell stories. These connections are what Marc refers to as “moments”. Moments are when a detail or feature captures and holds our attention for an instant or makes us look twice. Taken together, the details of a product are analogous to montage in film making, each detail equivalent to a motion picture cell. Details can express visible affordances that allow the user to intuitively understand a design’s function and its contextual relationship to the surrounding environment.