BeoCafe is a ‘prosumer’ dual boiler espresso machine concept. This product concept culminates from a study of a chosen brand design DNA, typical brand user profile and other existing competing in-class products on the market. Deliberately, the chosen brand had to be one with strong design identity but could not be associated with consumer kitchen appliances.  For this, the venerable and classic design brand of Bang & Olufsen was a perfect fit.

BeoCafe concept specs include a full metal housing with glass touch-screen user interface and PID controller - including a choice of full automatic, semi-manual and manual operations. Also included are a heated cup-warmer surface on top, back-lit filtered water reservoirs, boilers and pumps, preheated grouphead, frothing wand, hot water service, tamper storage, internal hide-away storage tray and slide-out overflow catch basin.  It comes in any color that is vermillion with black glass and smoked gray stainless steel service surfaces.